Gun Rights Australia (GRA) believes Australians must

regain their rights to bear arms for self protection


Australia has become a nation of defenceless citizens, where criminals can easily access firearms illegally and turn them against us. We are arming the enemy within.

When the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) was introduced 20 years ago, the world was a different place. Things have changed, and so MUST we.

Gun Rights Australia believes we are a country that has come of age, in spite of our governments’ best efforts to suppress our development as a strong, independent nation.

A "Genuine" Reason

When the NFA was introduced, law-abiding gun owners were made to prove they had a "genuine" reason for owning a firearm.

Isn’t the right to self defense, our entitlement and responsibility to protect ourselves, our families and what Australia stands for a “genuine" enough reason for owning a gun? Gun Rights Australia believes it is. 



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