What are our politicians doing to stop the illegal firearm trade?

It’s no secret guns are being bought and sold illegally around Australia right now, and the most powerful firearms are being bought by criminals in the black market.

GRA President Rodger Muller has travelled to Canberra to get a sense of what our politicians are doing about the illegal guns that are ending up in the hands of criminals and crooks around the country.

We already saw what happened when an armed extremist took over the Lindt café in Sydney. What if another nutter decided to attack?

It’s time to get this whole mess under control.

Let’s make it simple for the good guys to get the guns they’ll use responsibly, and disarm the gangsters and extremists.

Watch full video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=8W-ekcGEw0E


GRA calls for a royal commission into the National Firearms Agreement

GRA President Rodger Muller denounces how the Australian Government failed to listen to recommendations from pro firearm groups in relation to the drafting of the new National Firearms Agreement (NFA) 2017.

The new NFA picks on law abiding firearm owners, farmers and minors, eroding our rights further as citizens.

Muller also comments on the worrying developments in New Zealand, as the government there scraps sensible legislation to go down the same ill-intended path of the Australian nanny state.

Agenda Setting: The Adler debate explained + bonus video of semi-automatic

Listen to Rodger Muller’s podcast on the truth behind the headlines + watch bonus video of semi-automatic.

Over the last week, we've seen a very ‘enlightening’ media hype about the liberal government's broken promise to David Leyonhjelm, which re-sparked the debate on the importation ban on the Adler, and raised questions over how it should be classified.

This whole debate started with an interview the Australian Prime Minister did on ABC's AM breakfast radio show over a range of topics.

This interview revealed how Malcolm Turnbull is unable to respond clearly and definitively to important questions. It showed our PM's lack of empathy and a lack of understanding on various issues that affect many Australians. The debate that has followed has been so jarring, there is even talk of former PM Tony Abbott returning to government.

The GRA believes in a genuine debate on gun law reform. We believe that we have to take a pause and examine what the bigger picture is - what is really going on.

The media and politicians have now engaged in ’agenda setting’. They're attempting to warm up the public and the debate just before their extensive NFA review. They want the public to just follow their lead without question or resistance, and that is the real reason behind the hype.

Rodger Muller calls for Workplace Safety Officers in Australia

Work Health and Safety (WHS) is a big thing in Australia. By law, all workplaces have dedicated First Aid Officers and Fire Wardens in case of emergencies and fire. But why is it we don't have trained Workplace Safety Officers with firearms to protect us in the event of an attack?

At sporting events we have security guards. At night clubs we have bouncers. Why is it that workers don't deserve the same?

There has been an increase in workplace violence and attacks, mainly with knives. GRA believes we must write to our newly-elected Senators to demand real safety in the workplace.

Watch Rodger on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xcgYVlUaYs

GRA President Rodger Muller talks about the aftermath of the Australian election

The Australian election non-result tells us two things:

1. The general public is disenchanted with traditional two-party politics. They don't represent us.

2. We must work hard to get the NFA review on the political agenda and in the public's awareness.