Agenda Setting: The Adler debate explained + bonus video of semi-automatic

Listen to Rodger Muller’s podcast on the truth behind the headlines + watch bonus video of semi-automatic.

Over the last week, we've seen a very ‘enlightening’ media hype about the liberal government's broken promise to David Leyonhjelm, which re-sparked the debate on the importation ban on the Adler, and raised questions over how it should be classified.

This whole debate started with an interview the Australian Prime Minister did on ABC's AM breakfast radio show over a range of topics.

This interview revealed how Malcolm Turnbull is unable to respond clearly and definitively to important questions. It showed our PM's lack of empathy and a lack of understanding on various issues that affect many Australians. The debate that has followed has been so jarring, there is even talk of former PM Tony Abbott returning to government.

The GRA believes in a genuine debate on gun law reform. We believe that we have to take a pause and examine what the bigger picture is - what is really going on.

The media and politicians have now engaged in ’agenda setting’. They're attempting to warm up the public and the debate just before their extensive NFA review. They want the public to just follow their lead without question or resistance, and that is the real reason behind the hype.