Breaking the Silence: Remembering Port Arthur with Action

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Breaking the silence: Remembering Port Arthur with Action

This week marks the 20th anniversary of one of Australia’s darkest days: the murder of 35 people at Port Arthur in Tasmania. The tragedy rocked Australia to the core and led the government to introduce a radical program to eliminate guns from the nation.

The National Firearms Agreement (NFA) was widely embraced by a population in deep shock and desperate to prevent another such mass killing. But Gun Rights Australia believes that, two decades on from the massacre, it is now time to reassess the effectiveness of the NFA.

“We can never remove the stain of the Port Arthur massacre, and we should never forget the suffering that this disgusting mass murder caused – suffering we still feel today,” Gun Rights Australia founder and President Rodger Muller said today.

“But it’s time to ask the question: what if there was someone in that crowd on that April afternoon in 1996, who was equipped to fight back? What if there were people there who were carrying guns and able to protect the innocent that day?”

Muller said he believed that, as a mature nation, Australia should now review gun laws in keeping with modern community views.

 “ISIS is successfully recruiting young people across Europe. The attacks in Paris and Brussels have shown how easy it is for criminals to access firearms illegally and turn them against us. We can no longer allow our people to be defenceless in such a volatile environment,” he said.
Gun Rights Australia seeks to reform gun laws to give Australians the fundamental freedom to protect their homes and families.

“Let’s look at the Swiss model where there’s a gun in every house. What sort of gun violence do they experience there? Virtually none,” Muller said. “For the sake of our children, we need to dothe same.”

Every gun license registration form asks us to fill in the “genuine” reason for owning a gun.
G.R.A. is here to say… self-protection is REASON ENOUGH.  
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