Greetings from Louisville!

G’day Gun Rights Australia supporters! Rodger Muller here, GRA Founder/President, it’s Day 1 of the National Rifle Association Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.  I’ll be posting pictures and thoughts over the next few days, as the GRA Team and I learn and explore all that the NRA Convention has to offer. 

The day started with a meet and greet with Kentucky Senator and former presidential candidate Dr. Rand Paul. He’s a lovely guy and a true believer when it comes to 2nd Amendment rights here in the States. “Law-abiding citizens with guns stop crimes” said Paul. The Senator was eager to hear about the GRA mission and I look forward to working with him in future. 

Thousands of supporters packed the Freedom Hall arena eager to hear NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre speak at the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) Leadership Forum. “The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun” said LaPierre. He warned that gun rights in America were under attack, “Our core values and freedoms are slipping away” and asked everyone to stand together to win the fight for expanding gun rights.   

The crowd cheered wildly as ILA President Chris Cox officially announced that the NRA would throw its support behind businessman Donald Trump for the US presidential nomination. Trump spoke for nearly 45 minutes about the critical importance of maintaining a united front against those who would seek to weaken gun laws. “I’m going to guarantee that law-abiding Americans have the right to self-defense” said Trump. In Australia we face the very same fight as the United States; only liberties were taken when the government removed the ability of law-abiding citizens to stand their ground and defend themselves with firearms in the event that they are threatened in their own homes. This can no longer continue.

Everyone I spoke to at the massive Kentucky Exposition Center was engaged and supportive.

We’ll be back at the convention tomorrow. Keep an eye open on the NRA News channel
for a special guest appearance by yours truly. You can find the channel at this link.