Media Release


As the National Rifle Association fights to defend the Second Amendment, a similar battle is playing out in Australia where gun reform organisations are working to repeal repressive laws that have banned the possession of firearms there.

Gun Rights Australia founder and President Rodger Muller - who is in Louisville, Kentucky, to attend the NRA’s national convention – says Australians are no longer prepared to accept the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) which was introduced across Australia in 1996 – effectively outlawing the possession of firearms in that country.

“We can no longer sit and allow our right to carry guns – our right to defend ourselves - to be swept away by the ‘nanny state’,” Muller said.

“We need to urgently review the law and take a more sensible approach – the very approach now being adopted by the National Rifle Association in the U.S.”

Rodger Muller said many in Australia felt vulnerable at a time of increasing threats from extremist organizations and home-grown gang violence.

“As the NRA’s most senior people are saying over and over: the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun – whether you’re in San Bernadino or at Sydney’s Bondi Beach,” he said.

Muller said Gun Rights Australia is seeking to develop ties with the NRA in order to expand its influence in Australia, and to take its message to the highest levels of Australia’s government.

“Australia has fought alongside America in World War One and World War Two, in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq – the list goes on. We were brothers then and we are brothers now. And again, we are fighting the same fight.”

Rodger Muller is available for comment on Australia’s battle to reform gun laws.

While he is in Louisville, Kentucky, he may be reached on: Cell 202 704 6544 or Web: