Rodger's recap of Day 3 of NRA Annual Meeting

G’day everyone! The 3rd and final day of the NRA convention was just sensational! I spent the morning watching Cam Edwards live webcast for NRA News from the convention floor and was able to catch up with several of the show’s guests. 

First up was R. Lee “The Gunny” Ermey, former Marine Corps drill instructor, Glock spokesman, NRA Board member and of course best known for his acclaimed role as Sergeant Hartman in the film Full Metal Jacket. Ermey was very knowledgeable about Australia’s firearm history and we talked at great length about the battle ahead for all Australians. Next, I met “The People’s Sheriff”, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. I’d heard Clarke speak before on television, but meeting him in person was very special. I was particularly impressed with his intelligence and eloquence.  The day continued as I spent a few minutes with NRA Executive Director, of General Operations, Kyle Weaver. So much of the convention’s success can be attributed to Weaver’s hard work and I know Gun Rights Australia will benefit from future collaborations with his team. But the highlight of the day was bumping into NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox on the convention floor. Cox is the engine that moves this organisation, and all those who meet him know the NRA’s future is in great hands! I hope to soon schedule a meeting with Cox and his talented team, so we can build a plan to address our illogical Australian gun laws. I spent the rest of the afternoon hearing 2nd Amendment stories from countless conference attendees. 

As the GRA team wraps up in Louisville, we feel energised about the future ahead. We know we can achieve great things with friends like the NRA helping guide us. Thank you to everyone for sharing so many incredible stories. We know the road to reform will be long. We know the fight will be hard. But Gun Rights Australia will not waiver, we will not stop and we will prevail. 

Unite. Protect. Reform.