Gun Rights Australia's Rodger Muller calls for a genuine gun law debate on youtube

The irony of it all is just gob-smacking! Just one day after the20th anniversary of the Port Arthur massacre,  Australia saw yet another shooting involving criminals and illegal firearms near Sydney. This is another perfect example of the failings of the NFA!

Some criminal with an illegal firearm comes and kills another of his kind in a Bankstown shopping centre, while injuring an innocent bystander. And I wonder, how can anyone tell me that the NFA is making Australia is safe?

This is the problem with our gun laws - it's not the law abiding firearm owners (LAFOs), it's the criminals!

The Greens just published a ridiculous website with the number of registered guns per suburb. But it's not the legal guns owned by good Aussies that's the problem, it's the illegal guns owned and used by criminals!

The real question is - how do crims get the guns? Were the weapons imported illegally in parts, perhaps? Or worse, were they stolen? If so, who is stealing the guns and who are the guns being stolen from?