Rodger Muller is a man of action. 

A family man, a successful business man and rural property owner. Rodger values life and knows all too well Australians need to regain their right to protect and safeguard the values and the country we hold so dear. 

Rodger is a man of integrity and believes in taking matters into our own hands. 





Rodger’s story is common to many Australians. Until December 15, 2014, the day of the Sydney siege, Rodger thought Australia was safe. Being in Sydney that fateful morning was a wake up call. It changed Rodger’s life and his view of Australia forever. 

Rodger became interested in promoting the right to self defence and the right to bear arms for Australians. 

In this quest, Rodger has been shocked to discover how the Government has not only stripped Australians of their right to protect themselves, but has victimized those who disagree. Gun ownership has become both a privilege and a blemish. Law-abiding farmers, sport shooters and hunters have been demonized by the authorities and the media, and the Australian public has been lead to believe that owning a gun makes you a murderer and a criminal by default. This is wrong.

The truth is that Australia lost its innocence 20 years ago with Port Arthur. Now we need to step up and catch up with the times. The world is a scary place. Our safety is not guaranteed. It's survival of the fittest, and we are dispossessed.

As a country founded by convicts, Australians have always been told what to do and how to do it by the powers that be. It is time for us to finally break the shackles, step up and stand for our rights as responsible citizens to defend ourselves.
— Rodger Muller, GRA Founder & President