When former Australian Prime Minister John Howard introduced the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) in the wake of the Port Arthur Massacre 20 years ago, the world was a different place. Things have changed, and so MUST we.

Current world events and the rise of terrorism globally call for a reassessment of our values as Australians to find a means to protect ourselves and our families from foreign, imported and home-grown threats.



Gun Rights Australia (GRA) believes Australians should regain their rights to bear arms for self protection. 

Australia has become a nation of defenceless citizens, where criminals can easily access firearms illegally and turn them against us. We are arming the enemy within.  

The truth is that the National Firearms Agreement is obsolete. The fact is that gun ownership in Australia is on the rise (they are currently at pre-Port Arthur levels), but gun deaths in Australia have been in decline since 1996. There is no hard evidence to support the claim that this is the result of the firearms ban. Statistics show firearm related deaths have decreased in most developed countries, Australia included, regardless of legislation.


Gun Rights Australia believes we should be looking at the gun ownership models of countries similar to ours. Countries like Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, France, Canada, Austria, and Iceland are all in the top 15 countries with highest gun ownership worldwide, but lowest crime rates. Some of these countries have firearm regulations in place, but nowhere as strict as in Australia. 


Photo Credit:  JJ Harrison  (CC)

Photo Credit: JJ Harrison (CC)


Switzerland has the fourth highest gun ownership rates per capita in the world, but gun related deaths are virtually non-existent. The reason? The Swiss are well-trained, safe shooters from a young age. Shooting is an encouraged sport. Swiss citizens are aware of their rights and responsibilities as gun owners. The government trusts their citizens.

It is no secret that Australia is a nanny state, where governmental over-regulation is rampant. Under the firearms ban of 1996, Australians were told they needed to prove they had a “legitimate reason” to own a gun. The so-called “legitimate reasons” were, of course, determined by the government, not by citizens.


Gun Rights Australia believes we are a country that has come of age, in spite of our governments’ best efforts to suppress our development as a strong, independent nation.
— Rodger Muller, GRA Founder & President

What We'LL Achieve

  • Gun Rights Australia will unite and organise all law-abiding Australian firearm owners who believe gun laws need reform. Hunters, sport shooters, farmers, you are all welcome!

  • Gun Rights Australia recognises this is not an easy fight. Many firearm owners feel gun law reform is near impossible.  Government bureaucracy, the fear-mongering media and the "do-gooders" will have us believe we have lost this war. We will prove them wrong.  

  • Gun Rights Australia will achieve meaningful gun law reform in Australia. We will change the rules and cut the red tape when it comes to firearm ownership. We all deserve the right to purchase the guns we want without extended waiting times. Gun Rights Australia will make your voice count!

  • Gun Rights Australia will become the number one, uncompromising, unifying organisation for gun owners in Australia, much like the NRA in the United States.